Brewery Spotlight: Motorworks Brewing Company

Brewery Spotlight: Motorworks Brewing

Brewery Spotlight isn’t some run-of-the-mill beer talk involving heady aromas or exotic Sriracha-malt flavors. It’s about the faces behind the beer, and what keeps them coming in every day to create something delicious. For the brewmasters, the salesmen, the bartenders, the cellarman; everyone. Brewery Spotlight is for them—Because what they do is for us. For the love of beer, this is our Brewery Spotlight.

Front entrance of Motorworks Brewing

Beers and Cars: What’s not to like? Frank and Denise Tschida thought the same thing. So, they bought an old 1920s automobile dealership in Bradenton, FL and turned it into one of the most unique breweries in the state. The beer garden in the backyard (the largest in Florida) is just a bonus.

Constantly exploring, experimenting and creating are what Motorworks focuses on says Brewmaster, Bob Haa. Thanks to Bob and the crew, Motorworks Brewing is consistently putting out new delicious and interesting flavors in their brews. With the award winning V Twin Vienna Lager bringing home awards every year since 2014, they’ve certainly seen their fair share of success.

We took a visit to the brewery and talked to Brewmaster Bob Haa about hard work, homebrewing, and finding the right beer. 


What got you into beer?

Bob: I thought I didn’t like beer. I told my friend this fact and he didn’t understand me. Being from England, beer was a big part of his life so he told me that I had been drinking the wrong beer. He took me to Dunderbak’s where I had a Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest. It was unlike anything I had tasted—I was hooked.

When did you start brewing your own?

I started homebrewing in 1990. I was unsure where to start because brewing beer was not a popular hobby back then and it was a small community. I got lucky finding a local group of guys who were brewing and after 8 years I started commercial brewing.

Was the amount of work surprising?

*Chuckles* All brewers that start at home look at the commercial stuff and think, “Yeah I can definitely do that.” I thought the same thing. People tend to glamorize the beer industry—it’s actually a lot of hard work.

Is the work worth it?

I was an accountant for 12 years– I sat at a desk every day doing the same thing. For me, being able to come into the brewery to create something new every day is the best feeling in the world.

Where do you see the beer industry heading in the next couple of years?

I am very excited about where beer and craft is heading. People are getting more adventurous, their tastes are changing and they are more willing to try different things. Back when I first started brewing, it was just becoming more experimental: IPAs were the most disgusting tasting thing but now everyone loves it. Now, sours are the next big thing and I can’t wait for what’s next.

Dan Anderson, cellarman and bartender at Motorworks, poured us delicious beers, crafted a few cocktails and shared some insight about the brewery.

What does Motorworks do different than other breweries?

Dan: Bob is like Heisenberg (Breaking Bad). Even if it’s not to the public’s taste he stays true to the beer. The flavor is there; the clarity is there. It’s straight to the style.

What is your deserted island beer?

Motorworks Midnight Espresso. In-house roasted coffee beans, added lactose for a creamier mouthfeel. It’s one of the best beers I’ve ever had.


You can find Motorworks serving up their delicious beers at the next Brews With Attitude! Buy tickets here

If you can’t wait to try Motorworks Brewing, use our Product Locator to find out where you can purchase their brews.