Party Responsibly BUDS

Tom Pepin, President of Pepin Distributing reminds you to have a safe and Happy  July 4th Weekend. Please drink responsibly and remember to always have a designated driver.

So, maybe you forget to plan ahead and assign a Designated Driver (shame on you) or YOU are the designated driver (ok, we don’t like it but we know it happens) there are a few safe and free options to get you and your friends home safe over this Holiday weekend. I said free so keep reading…
1. Call 1-800-AAA-HELP, this is the number to Budweiser’s “Tow to Go” program. This program is FREE and instead of getting behind the wheel you can call them and they will come tow your vehicle home free of charge! That’s right I said FREE! Save that number in your phone immediately, you can thank me later.

2. Tell your bartender to “Alert a Cab”. That’s all you have to say to them when your cashing out and ready to go and they know what to do. Pepin Distributing supports this program along with local cab companies and retail establishments to provide a safe ride home for individuals who have had too much to drink. Pepin Distributing along with other Budweiser distributors have given 1.4 million safe rides home since 1989.

Here at Pepin Distributing we have one very important mission and one position on drunk driving: We oppose it. One drunk driver behind the wheel is one too many, and getting intoxicated drivers off the road has been our goal for decades. Please make the responsible decision to party responsibly this weekend, you can thank us later.

And lastly…  THANK YOU to all of our men and women serving in our military. Without them we would not be able to celebrate such a great holiday with family and friends. Grab some BUDS and get out there!

Cheers to the red, white and Brew!