Pepin Academies Riverview Campus Opens

Pepin Academies are tuition-free; charter schools committed to creating professional learning communities through innovative practices to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. In February 2017, the latest campus of Pepin Academies opened in Riverview.







The Pepin Academies have celebrated over 15 years of excellence in education, with over 80{daa241165d670cbcb5f2a12aebe0b675697f6dc473d25f791721c5ceb2d34d53} of the students graduating with a standard high school diploma and 20{daa241165d670cbcb5f2a12aebe0b675697f6dc473d25f791721c5ceb2d34d53} on track graduating with a special diploma.

A special message from Governor Rick Scott: