Pepin Distributing Donates and Offers Trucking Support to Metropolitan Ministries Amid COVID-19

Pepin Distributing has donated 350 cases of Icelandic sparkling water, 125 cases of Nesquik shelf stable protein milk and 59 cases of tropical fruit drinks to Metropolitan Ministries on Thursday, April 16th. It turns out that Pepin reached out to Metropolitan Ministries with its trucking support offer just in time.  One of Metropolitan Ministries’ trucks had just encountered a mechanical issue, so Pepin picked up the load of meat products from the Caspers’ warehouse at 11 am and brought all the product to Metropolitan Ministries by noon.

Metropolitan Ministries has been faced with thousands of more families to service. Thanks to Icelandic and Nesquik, Pepin jumped onboard with a truckload of beverage donations to help them serve the community. Pepin continues to support Metropolitan Ministries with trucking support as needed.

Bill Gieseking, Director of Marketing at Pepin, said “We typically support Metropolitan Ministries by purchasing a table at their annual luncheon. This year, that event had to be postponed and maybe cancelled. In the meantime, Pepin decided to help with a donation of non-alcoholic beverages from our vast portfolio. Our team has been servicing accounts and making sure our community has access to their beverage needs in Tampa Bay. This was just another way where we support our friends, in this challenging time.”