Pepin Distributing Partners with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to Save Lives


Wednesday, September 24th 2014 – Pepin Distributing Company, premium beverage distributor of Hillsborough County, and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office created a joint effort, S.A.V.E. Symposium, a forum where local alcohol vendors met Sheriff’s Alcohol Vendor Enforcement officials to ask questions, gather information and guidance.

As part of the partnership, Pepin Distributing Company hosted the Symposium at TPepin’s Hospitality Centre and brought in industry experts such as Jim Peters of Responsible Hospitality Institute. Additionally, Deputy Sheriff Larry Morrell was present as a speaker.

“By organizing programs like S.A.V.E. Symposium, Pepin Distributing Company and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office make our community a safer place to live,” said Bill Gieseking, Director of Marketing at Pepin Distributing Company.

S.A.V.E. was launched June of 2006 by Sheriff David Gee to partner with alcohol vendors and retailers and create a proactive collaboration to inform and educate employees and managers. The goal is to reduce DUI traffic crashes and deaths in Hillsborough County. Topics covered in the Symposium included; how to monitor and avoid serving too much alcohol to someone, preventing underage drinking, and maintaining a neighborhood friendly establishment.

Pepin Distributing reached out to owners and managers of alcoholic beverage establishments though social media, e-mail list and sales team, and encouraged them to take advantage of this great opportunity to help their business be a more responsible vendor. The Symposium was held at TPepin’s Hospitality Centre at 4121 N. 50th st. Tampa FL, 33610 on Wednesday, September 24th 1pm-4:00pm. You can see photos from the symposium here.