Shock Top reveals Second Earthwork creation

Shock TopEarthwork also known as “land art” and emerged from the United States in the Late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Earthwork is an art that is landscaped using natural materials such as organic soil, rocks, plants, etc…
So you are wondering… how in the world does Earthwork relate to beer? Well, as we all know everything that is “retro”- is becoming cool again.
Shock Top has shockingly amazed us once again! Not only with their cool easy going attitude of the orange slice head with a wheat Mohawk and sunglasses, but an Earthwork masterpiece reminding us to “Live Life Unfiltered” have fun, relax and be refreshed but now with a three-part series of Earthworks, created by crop artist Stan Herd. This Earthwork occupies approximately 1-2 acres of land in Orange Country Great Park, located in Irvine California.
The material he used to create this? A combination of planted materials (e.g. cilantro) as well as additive materials (e.g., coriander, oranges, lemons and limes, wheat grain), all ingredients giving this unfiltered Belgian-style Wheat Ale its unique taste and distinct citrus aroma and used by Stan in the Earthwork to produce color and texture. Other organic materials used include: 400 bags of mulch from a nearby recycling center, 2100 orange pavers, 3,000 sq. feet of sod, 400 flowering plants, sand and stone from the park, not to mention the 120 cut posts that frame the entire image.

Interested in seeing this transformation take place in front of your eyes (the video is as cool as Shock Top’s attitude)? No problem, Shock Top has also launched a free Shock Top app, just click on these links to the iphone app store or the android market. For more information about Shock Top and progress on the Earthworks series, please visit or go to

Cheers Dudes, from your friends at Pepin Distributing! And remember to “Live Life Unfiltered”- have fun, relax and be refreshed.