Update on Beer Supply Chain

LA Weekly spoke with NBWA’s chief economist, Lester Jones this week. Jones said that he has faith the supply chain will remain stable.

“We have a very effective and efficient beer distribution network,” he assured us. “Our beer distributors are practicing all the recommendations about social distancing, telecommuting when they can. There are a lot of best practices being implemented right now.”

Jones again emphasized, in most cases, these distributors were not just beer trucks.

“These are beverage trucks, and keeping our supply chain working and moving is critical to keeping everything going for the economy. The parts of the economy that are working and open for business will continue to be open for business,” said Jones. “We have a really strong distribution system and it goes beyond beer.

Jones believes the government is asking people to physically change the way they live their lives and how they act as consumers. “And beer distributors will be there to help with that transition, whether it’s a month or two months.”

A silver lining: One thing that will help the industry maintain is that breweries are more capital-intensive than labor-intensive. A lot of the automated parts of the supply chain can’t get sick.

Beyond this article, Pepin Distributing Company’s Director of Marketing. Bill Gieseking adds, “these are more than beer trucks! They are beverage trucks bringing beverage products to keep the critical supply chain and economy going! This Buds for the peeps making deliveries and loading the beverages we all need everyday!